Determine your Plotter Size
Note the diagram for determining the correct size of your plotter.
Incorrect size determination
Fig A at the top represents the overall length of the wide format DesignJet Plotter.  This distance is not used to determine your plotter size and should be disregarded.
Correct Size Determination
Fig B. at the bottom is the size HP uses to determine your Plotters size.  If your plotter will only accept paper with a Max Fig B width of 24 inches then you have a 24inch plotter or D-Size.  If your plotter will accept paper of a Fig B. width of 36inches then you have a 36inch plotter of E-size.  This holds true for ALL Designjet and Eagle Jet plotters and wide format printers.
Please take careful note of the figures above to determine the correct size Carriage Belt, Trailing Cable, Roll Feed assembly and many other parts that are width size specific.  Also take careful note of the metal identification tag on the back of all designjet plotters it will have a number that is in this format   CxxxxA  i.e.  C2878A. This is the actual HP model number of your machine.  Compare it to the model numbers on ALL of our parts pages to determine which size part is right for you.  If you have further questions feel free to call on us.  We are here to serve you and keep you plotting any way we can.   Thank you.  JD 
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